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Journal Fungaia

The book "Journal Fungaia" stems from a fictional world, which is threatened by the rapid expansion of invasive fungal spores. The organism invades it's prey, transforming them into submissive slaves before completeley consuming them. Whole countries have already been claimed by the fungus, turning the land into the desert "Fungia". In a series of journal entries, we join our protagonist who is shocked to discover he's been infected by the fungus at the beginning of his tale. We continue to observe how the infection progresses and the fungus begins to slowly affect body and brain. At the same time we gather knowledge of the conflicts in the Fungaia border area and the people who deal with the challenge in different ways.

The story is complemented by analytical descriptions of Avalon – a scientist whose comments on the diary give us a deeper impression of the alien world.

This book was done in collaboration with Valentin Brommer and was our final university project.

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Most of the illustrations I created for the book have been carefully planned in 3D before.

These mockups give an impression how the finished book would look.

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