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Leafling Regular

Originating from my very own cryptic handwriting font I use in my sketchbooks, I present the first edition of Leafling Regular.

Illustrated Book

Journal Fungaia

Journal Fungaia is my Bachelor project. In this book we witness the story of a protagonist, who gets infected by an invasive fungal species which is altering his perception and wants to drive him into madness.


Educational Animation


An animated music video, aiming to raise awareness for wrist pain and preventive action.


Illustrated Book

Wanja, Tito und das Erbe des Meisterdetektivs

A story-driven educational book, designed for elementary school featuring the story of two raccoons solving puzzles inside the castle of a mysterious master detective.

Museum Exhibition

Kin Selection

In this group project I illustrated the way different animals collaborate with each other, explaining the importance of kinship to their behavior.

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