The Galleon

It was windy and dark, the sun was nowhere to be seen. There was this giant tower of massive clouds, higher than the highest mountains. We had nowhere to go. All our rations had been used up. Where was this magical place they promised us? Where were the riches we drove out to find? This was nothing but a war. A war between us and the skies. One wind blast after the other, dashes of rain throwing around mice and men. We truly had nowhere to go. We had lost all hope. And that's where we did it. All in or nothing. With nothing to lose, we steered right into the center of the storm, fearing, knowing we would die. Clinging to the masts, hiding under deck, exposed to the most violent forces, nature could ever bring up.

And then we broke through.

There was a sudden, bright, golden light, blinding us all. The coldness hat suddenly gone. Our sails had been repaired at once. We felt warmth and happiness. Cries of birds echoed through fresh air. And in the middle of it all, there was this enormous thing. A ship of unfathomable size. Beautiful as one can imagine. We did not have to steer, it pulled us right to it.

Ship Concepts

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