The eternal tree

From the eerie darkness consuming hills and valleys to the pitch blackness of the shadowed caves and the thick fog obscuring every last hope of vision, a single ray of light traces it's path to meet a giant, mysterious world for the first time of the day. Not yet can we make anything of this, as it takes more than one ray of light to detect any change at all. However as with all its power and glory the golden sun starts its eternal journey, many more rays follow and accumulate to form a vision I am about to describe.

Like black veins, thin dark strands contrast against the brightening sky. They touch the clouds and vanish in the distant fog, making it unclear how long they truly are. For what it’s worth they seem endless. With a bit more light you would figure out what these veins actually are. Towards the horizon they merge together, forming a thick, massive chunk and right below diverge again, into long, snake like forms, again seemingly endless. Thus, the most enormous and beautiful structure of our lands, the tree of eternity, is proudly illuminated before everything else.

No one knows of it’s origin anymore as it was there long before civilization. It’s story is lost in time as it’s physical ends are lost in space, or so it seems at least.

Approaching the tree you cant help but gaze at it's magnitude. What we would consider oversized forests in our known world seems just like a thick layer of moss coating the enormous branches and roots. Small settlements emerge every now and then inside of them. They function as resting places for the many many travelers, merchants, entertainers, explorers and messengers coming in and out of the region. The reasons for which shall later be described as the tree of eternity is far more than just another sight to see. The mossy forests continue to grow upwards the trunk but increasingly sparingly. Following the growth of the tree we arrive at three main branches, which soon diverge into many more, reaching up into the sky...

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