Beneath the Waves

I created these paintings for the Artstation "Beneath the Waves" Challenge.
It was my task to imagine a functioning underwater world and portray them using two illustrations and callout sheets.

Environment Design 02: City from the inside

The inside of the city is full of life. A big shopping center acts as a hub for exchange and social activities. Here in big bright stores you can buy just about anything you could get on the surface, diners provide you with unique and delicious meals and the big library is a cozy gathering place. Also its a wonderful location for watching the ocean and whales passing by every once in a while.

Environment Design 02: City from outside

The city consists of many air sealed buildings, built out of a special stone material found only in the deepest depths of the ocean. Most of the residents are miners, collecting the precious material for construction. The architecture is recognizable by the mixture of giant glass structures, ornamental design and natural elements, which are partially found on the ocean floor and then incorporated into the buildings.

Whales are used for transportation and city tours. They are ideal for short trips, as they are fast, versatile and reliable. The whales are trained to respond to small vibration motors on each side of the animal, and thus are able to be steered. People can also travel by using personal submarines or specialized diving suits.

Callout Sheet

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